The following excerpt contains samples from our new book "The Raetia Stone GPS or the Rediscovery of a 6000 Year Old Navigation System in the Mediterranean Sea"

by Gerhard Pirchl & Thomas Walli, 220 Pages, Illustrated, German and English in two columns


Gerhard Pirchl

Gerhard PirchlGerhard Pirchl was born in 1941 and grew up in Bludenz, province of Vorarlberg, Austria.
- studied mechanical engineering in Mödling near Vienna
- developer and researcher with sojourn in Germany
- later head of a development division in Switzerland
- as of 1989: self-employed
- main supplier for automotive industry with regards to high-temperature protection appliances and winner of the Formula-"Q" prize, Volkswagen's highest quality award
- 1999 myocarditis, 2001 heart transplant
- since 2002: systematic research of radiation vein stars, an activity related to dowsing experience with his father, an expert well digger
- 2003: interdisciplinary congress for scientists in Bürserberg, Vorarlberg
- discovery of sculpted prehistoric stones and radiation vein symbols in old churches
- 2004: discovery of actual "Raetia Stones" in the Rätikon [Switzerland], at Carnac [Bretagne] and Stonehenge [England]
- since then, investigating these phenomena together with several scientists

Thomas Walli-Knofler

Thomas WalliThomas Walli, born in 1950 in Innsbruck, Austria, entrepreneur & inventor, numerous expeditions - 1970 to the pygmies in the Ituri rainforest, Congo, 1972 Afghanistan, Whakan, 2 x crossing of the Sahara. 1998 - 4 year long circumnavigation of the North Atlantic with the research boat NOVARA - 80° north to the edge of the pack ice shelf and sailing in the Atlantic Ocean from Venezuela to Maine. Sports: diving, karate, gliding, paragliding, offshore sailing. Active in ship design & boat building. Dowser & water finder since 1975. In 2006 re-discovery of a prehistoric navigation system in the Mediterranean.

Raetiastone Copyright by Gerhard Pirchl & Thomas Walli