The following excerpt contains samples from our new book "The Raetia Stone GPS or the Rediscovery of a 6000 Year Old Navigation System in the Mediterranean Sea"

by Gerhard Pirchl & Thomas Walli, 220 Pages, Illustrated, German and English in two columns

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About the Book

Gerhard Pirchl's and Thomas Walli's research has reached its preliminary end. Their new book dealing with the forces of Raetia stones and vein stars and navigation power veins crisscrossing Europe and probably the whole world, demonstrates the incredible natural power of these small and inconspicuous stones.

Based on Gerhard Pirchl's research work, Thomas Walli dedicates his own work mainly towards maritime navigation systems from the early ages.

The power veins that originate from vein stars or stone circles with Raetia stones placed down horizontally radiate right across the Mediterranean with such incredible power and precision that to this day it is possible to sail precisely from A to B using a pendulum. In the second part of the book the special characteristics and phenomena surrounding Raetia stones, discovered by Gerhard Pirchl's meticulous research work are described in 100 pages.

It is now up to science, particularly the experimental physicists, to analyse the power of the Raetia stones' radiation. Numerous tests are underway and we eagerly await the first results.

We can visualize and document the power of Raetia stones already with the aid of the Gas Discharge Visualization method and its corresponding computer visualization method.

For those of us „sensitive" to dowsing and comfortable with the pendulum, the presence of these old powers is enough to get our bearings with the aid of our sixth and seventh senses, bestowed upon us by nature. We need no scientific proof by whatever measuring device - we know about these powers anyway. In today's world, however, we only believe what can be measured and proven and this is why we aspire to render these phenomena technically measurable in collaboration with science.

Let our book take you away into the world of radiesthesia, probably as yet unknown to you, and we hope you can gain new insights.


For this we wish you all the best - enjoy!


Raetiastone Copyright by Gerhard Pirchl & Thomas Walli