The following excerpt contains samples from our new book "The Raetia Stone GPS or the Rediscovery of a 6000 Year Old Navigation System in the Mediterranean Sea"

by Gerhard Pirchl & Thomas Walli
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Raetia Stone Navigation System

Six thousand years or even longer ago, a culture unknown to us was able to harness the powers of the so-called Raetia stones, which occur nearly everywhere in nature. This enabled them to create an extremely refined and at the same time simple navigation system on land and at sea.

Most stone circles and rows of stones we know today are not only prehistoric cult places and observatories; they are also visible signs of underground stone formations, so-called vein star formations.

Set in rows, these Raetia stones emit linear rays, of an unknown nature which can still be measured hundreds of kilometres away.

Following these rays, you could and still can get your bearings and travel safely from A to B in any kind of weather. Please open this excerpt from our new book on the secrets of Raetia stones! If you are interested in this discovery, we would be pleased should you decide to buy our book.

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